Wednesday, November 17, 2010

procession, my artist's text

Maybe some day I will know the names of all the palazzi
on the canals of this ephemeral place, this mythic city,
somehow floating in time and space.

For now I can only imagine and dream anout lives lived
on this watery firmanent as I observe and wander.

Venice has inspired many: artists, poets, writers.
They have all left their imprint, their footsteps,
now invisible.

Each time I journey to Venice I am seduced.
Venice is as fragile as glass. An appartition.

What is it about la serenissima that continues to inspire so many:
the light, the water, the reflections, the narrow mysterious vicoli,
the rhythm of riding the vaporetti?

The light changes as the fog rolls in, acqua alta, the water rises.
Always a melancholy mood hangs in the air.
Always I feel a connection to the elements: stars, dampness, the smell of coffee.
My interior space.

I stand in the Piazza San Marco. I cannot absorb its fragile beauty in one lifetime.