Sunday, January 31, 2010

the physical book

a few years ago i began to think about the book,
the physical book.

and now the reflection becomes more relevant with the appearance
of the kindle and last week, the new ipad!

a few years ago i began photographing old books,
fascinated by the printing, the fonts, the binding, the quality of the paper.
the fragility of the object.
the book as an object,
as an artifact, as part of our intellectual history.
a cultural reflection.
the book, representing knowledge.

i am fascinated when i see people reading,
absorbed in thought.
people read on buses, in cafes.
in venice, people read on the vaporetto.

i find it hard to imagine the kindle ever replacing the book.
something about the experience of holding a book,
turning the pages, getting lost in words,
entering a literary landscape
which is part of our shared human experience.

1 comment:

  1. forse con kindle più persone saranno assorbite dalla lettura, internet farà conoscere i romanzi e la lettura, sarebbe fantastico se i ragazzi scoprissero i libri.