Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a note to my son, stefan

what is interesting is that we are intersecting!
you have grown up and are writing about art.
i, who started my career late in life, am producing art.
i went back to school when i was 50, 13 years ago.
you and anthony were in shock that i would leave my
careet at the NFB! i remember.
i just wanted to immerse myself in photography and went
on to do my MA in visual arts.
and now, you are doing an MA in Art History.
and able to write about my work with somewhat of an objective eye
having watched me rebuild a career and evolve in
my photographic expression, stepping into a world that
is kind of a fictional narrative...
having come from a documentary film background...

every moment is two moments. Anne Michaels.

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  1. So lovely, Ewa. I, too, rediscovered art later in life and hope that my son and I can have a similar connection when he grows up.